Top 5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

Despite the fact the Netflix show Stranger Things utilized a genre-mashing approach and features paranormal creatures, from the Upside Down to crawlers and hunters. The creators whip together moments that will give you goosebumps throughout.


Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

Some scenes from Stranger Things were unnerving, and multiple genres are part of the show’s DNA as some of them have elements of their style. Still, horror has been promoted as a genre more than anything else and there are several scenes where viewers have been frightened by what they saw on screen.

These scenes range from jump scares, tension and outright horrendous acts of wickedness. They are reminders that the show can kill off anyone unceremoniously and no one is safe from the horrors orchestrated by the antagonists.

5. The Image Of Barb’s Body

Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

In season one, Barbara was missing for the (most of) the season with her death all but shown in full. When Eleven entered her psychic state to explore the Upside Down World in search of Will, she ended up coming across Barbara’s body.

By this point, she was almost fully decomposed and had a slug crawling right into the mouth of her corpse. This sickening sight not only confirmed her demise but was so violent and appeared out of the blue that it should leave more than a few viewers with a feeling of disgust and fear. Sadly for Nancy, her hopes of reforming her duo with Barbara were never realized.

4. Steve Is Surrounded By Monsters

Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

In the beginning of the episode, Steve stood watch for Dart, confident that the monster wouldn’t do anything to endanger the children before long. But with a little experimentation, he learned that it was possible to lure out this creature using only one person as bait before he found himself surrounded by other monsters that had taken interest in him as prey.

Steve opened through the door to reveal a copse of monsters waiting with their sights set on him. Panic started to settle in as Steve started running away, the monsters chasing after him.

3. Bob Gets Mauled To Death

Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

Bob was the ideal character to be around with, he took all the risks in making it possible for the group to escape. He bravely restarted the breakers to restore power, a scene that demonstrated the tension of knowing that any minute meant one less clone of Bob would exist.

However, the true horror arrived right at the end, as Bob couldn’t escape the creatures and was mauled to death. It confirmed that anybody could die, even if it meant such an awful manner. The scariest bit was the close-up of Bob’s corpse as it was being devoured by the monsters.

2. Will Realizes The Upside Down Lives Inside Him

Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

The down look of the second season only amplified as Will struggled and suffered. Just when it seemed as if he had finally escaped and ended the other world after his experience, Will got a horrifying reminder that it wasn’t case at all.

When Will began to feel odd, he saw the Upside Down manifest in an eerie phantom form. New horribles now reside within him, whereas before the latest horrors were outside of him.


1. Hopper Cuts Open “Will’s” Body

Top5 Scariest Scenes In Stranger Things

Upon entering the room, Hopper was strong-armed into an act of cannibalism by the unceremoniously resuscitated Will. Jim had to verify the body before he learned that it was another miner in Will’s mask who had gone missing a few hours prior.

To this end, Jim took a knife and sliced “Will” up himself to see if his insides were those of a human. While it turned out not to be the case, watching a very realistic likeness of Will being cut up is hard to watch.


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